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If you have skills and experience that meet Canada’s labour market needs, you may qualify for permanent resident status in Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Other factors, including education, language ability, and an offer of employment are also considered.

Most Canadian provinces and territories have agreements with the federal government which allow them to nominate immigrants who have skills that meet labour-market needs unique to them. Not to forget, one of the standard requirements of the Provincial Nominee Program is that applicants should intend to settle in the province that nominates them.

Every year, thousands of people enter Canada to work temporarily through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Temporary workers help Canadian employers address shortages of people with particular skills or work experience. As a temporary foreign worker, you may eventually become eligible to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. The Canadian Experience Class was created to offer some temporary foreign workers the opportunity to stay in Canada on a permanent basis. In order to work temporarily at most jobs in Canada, you need a work permit.

If you are a temporary worker in Canada, you may already have the knowledge, skills and experience you need to qualify for permanent resident status in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class. Under this program, temporary workers in certain occupations can apply for permanent residence after gaining experience in a Canadian workplace.

  • 21/03/2018