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In all intercountry adoptions there are separate processes:

  • The adoption process, and
  • Tthe immigration or citizenship process.

Before you begin, you need to understand both processes.

You and your adopted child must complete both processes before you can bring the child to live with you in Canada. To be eligible, you must meet the adoption requirements:

  • The province or territory or the country where you live, and
  • The adoption requirements in the child’s home country.

If you live in Canada:

Read the information on this website so you know what to expect during the adoption process, then contact your provincial or territorial government office.

Your provincial or territorial government office will  –

  • Tell you if you need to contact a licensed agency
  • Advise you on the adoption laws of the country, you want to adopt from
  • Explain the requirements if you are adopting a child from a country that follows the Hague Convention.

Feel free to speak with us to find if you want and are qualified to apply in this class.

  • 21/03/2018