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Visa offices outside Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada staff work at offices around the world. Visa officers in Canadian embassies, high commissions and consulates abroad:

process applications for immigration, refugee resettlement, temporary resident visas, study and temporary work permits

give clients information to help complete their applications and

work to ensure immigration applications are processed lawfully.

Find the closest Canadian visa office (listed by region)

Where to send your application (listed by country)
Find which Canadian visa office you should apply to for a permanent resident visa, temporary resident visa, study permit, work permit or travel document.

Offices in Canada

Most applications made in Canada are handled through the case processing centres (CPCs) below. Some CIC offices offer in-person assistance or self-help kiosks.

CPC Vegreville

CPC Vegreville processes:

extensions of temporary resident status and temporary resident permits

work and study permits

applications for permanent residence by some classes in Canada and

loans for the right of permanent residence fee.

CPC Mississauga

CPC Mississauga processes applications to sponsor family members living abroad.

Mississauga mailing addresses

CPC Sydney

CPC Sydney processes applications for:

permanent resident cards (new and renewals) and

citizenship (applying, renouncing, revoking and resuming).

Sydney mailing addresses

Centralized Intake Office, Sydney

The Centralized Intake Office receives all Federal Skilled Worker applications.

Centralized Intake Office mailing addresses

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