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Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP Program)

With world-class healthcare facilities, low crime rate, and excellent public education facilities, AINP Program could be a good choice if you want to immigrate to Canada. Situated in the Western region, Alberta is the fourth large province in Canada by population. The rapidly growing economy based on its large natural resources makes Alberta one of the country’s most economically and socially dynamic provinces. Alberta is the home to two largest cities of Canada, Edmonton, the provincial capital, and Calgary, one of the best cities in the world to live. 

Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is known as the AINP. With the experience and skills targeted by the province, prospective immigrants hoping to move in Alberta can receive an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate through this program. This certificate will help accelerate the entire immigration process.

The AINP has three main immigration categories:

• Strategic Recruitment Stream

• Employer-Driven Stream

• Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Strategic Recruitment Stream

If you do not have any job offers from the employers, but wish to live and work in Alberta on a permanent basis, you can apply through Strategic Recruitment Stream. It consists of three main irrigation streams:

? Compulsory and Optional Trades Category: Individuals with a valid work permit and currently living in Alberta can apply in this AINP sub-category. To become eligible under this category, applicants must hold either an Alberta Qualification Certificate or a recognized trade Certificate.

? Engineering Occupations Category: Engineers, designers, as well as drafters,  can apply under this category. Applicants must have previous work experience in the province and their job must fall under one of the designated occupations.

? Post Graduate Worker Category: Individuals graduated from a reputed Canadian post-secondary educational institute in Alberta can apply under this category. They must be working in the province in an eligible occupation on a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Employer-Driven Stream

This AINP stream lets employer nominate workers for the AINP program. It will allow the employers to retain the workers they need and the applicants to get the comfort of knowing that the future of their job is bright. The stream has three subcategories:

? Skilled Worker Category: To apply in this category, applicants must have a full-time, permanent job offer in an eligible skilled occupation from their employers. However, at the time of application, applicants aren’t required to work in Alberta.

? International Graduate Category: Individuals graduated from a recognized Canadian University or post-secondary educational institute with a permanent, full-time job offered by an employer, who lives in Alberta can apply under this category. In order to be judged as an eligible candidate for the AINP program, both the employee and the employer have to pass certain requirements.

? Semi-Skilled Worker Category: this category is for the temporary foreign workers. Applicants must have a permanent, full-time job offer from an employer in Alberta to apply under this category. 

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Individuals with the interest of purchasing land in Alberta in order to develop farming can apply under this stream. The applicant must have the experience in farming and personal funds to buy lands and develop farming in Alberta. Besides, they should have the plan to live permanently in Alberta so that they can take care of their farm/business.


At INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc., you will get all the necessary information for applying under any of these streams. Just submit us your resume and we will let you know in which category you’re eligible to apply. For more information, please contact us.

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