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New Brunswick

Located in eastern Canada, New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada. Because of its origins as a French colony, it has about 30 percent of its population speaking French as a first language. It is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces, and home to cities like Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton. New Brunswick is quite famous for its friendly and safe communities. 


New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of New Brunswick is known as NBPNP, through which individuals interested in living and working in New Brunswick can apply. Foreign nationals with the skills and experience determined by the province can get a New Brunswick provincial nomination certificate through this program, which they can later use to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Prospective candidates can apply to NBPNP under the following categories:

• Express Entry Labour Market Stream

• Skilled Workers with Family Support

• Skilled Worker with Employer Support

• Business Applicants


Express Entry Labour Market Stream

This stream bridge NBPNP with the federal express entry system to invite skilled immigrants.. New Brunswick PNP will only accept an Expression of Interest (EOI) completed by the candidates, which they will later use to score the candidate based on the information he or she provides. 

Skilled Workers with Family Support

Foreign nationals who have worked in New Brunswick and have close family ties to the province can apply to this category. The applicant must have a family member in New Brunswick who can sponsor him/her. The family member must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and should be financially self-supporting.

Skilled Workers with Employer Support

Foreign nationals who have received permanent, full-time job offer from a New Brunswick employer can apply to this category. The applicant must have the required knowledge, educational background, and experience for this job. Besides, the employer must prove that they are unable to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for this post, and the job they are offering will comply with provincial employment standards and will come up with a comparable industry rate of pay.

Business Applicants

Individuals planning to own and actively manage a business in New Brunswick can apply to this category. The applicant must be a qualified business personnel who can contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. He or she must hold at least a high school diploma and must have a personal net worth of minimum $300,000 CAD.

Note that the government of New Brunswick has announced that they are going to launch a new pilot program known as Succession Connect. This new pilot program will enable the newcomers to continue the legacy of an established business. Any newcomer in New Brunswick seeking a business investment can apply under this category. Further details will be posted when the program will be announced.


At INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc., you will get all the necessary information for applying under any of these streams. Just submit us your resume and we will know in which category you’re eligible to apply. For more information, please contact us.

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